"Middle children have remarkable diplomatic skills."

-The Secret Power of Middle Children, by Catherine Salmon

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baptism / Blessing day!

 Handsome Tyler.   
This is the most photogenic boy I've ever seen. 
Our oldest grandson, Tyler was baptized today. His dad did a really great job preforming the baptism and his confirmation. Look how happy Tyler looks! Lot's of aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins were there. Ella and Coleman were so happy to be there on Tyler's special day!
Also, Blake was blessed right after Tyler's confirmation, also by his daddy Ben. It's not appropriate to take pictures in the chapel, but we weren't in the chapel for Blakes blessing, so I snapped this picture. It's kinda fuzzy, but I thought it was just a cute picture of Ben holding up Blake afterward. It was a special day, and a fun weekend with everyone staying at Erin's.

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