"Middle children have remarkable diplomatic skills."

-The Secret Power of Middle Children, by Catherine Salmon

Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear December...Where have you gone?

How can it be that time is standing still, yet at the same time the days are dashing by?? I feel like I'm living in a special effects movie where (I) the subject matter is frozen and all else in the frame is in double time. This is my 'up-since-3a.m.' mind working right now. I have deadlines and timelines for certain things to be accomplished before January 8th 2011....packing boxes...but not everything because I'm still using alot of what I need to pack.....selling my car...but not just yet because I still need to get around. I want to and feel like I should be spending time with my children and grandbabies, but there is a list of things as long as my arm that have to be done or the domino affect will happen. I wish I was a better time manager. But then it's not just my time that I need to work around. Well, I've been up for 2 1/2 hours, I think I'll go back to bed. Talk soon, K.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How blessed I am!

My life is an "embarrassment of riches". I have been so blessed. I was printing off my boarding pass for Seattle and I realized that it was the last trip I would be making by myself as a single girl. I leave tomorrow by myself, and return home on Friday with Ron (I'll still be single, but not flying alone) Then the next time I leave town I won't be single, I'll be married to Ron and leaving Utah for life in the great Northwest. I'm excited, scared, nervous, joyful, anxious, sad and happy all at the same time! I know what you're thinking...Kathy, what? who? when? huh??? I know, my last post was about my first contact with Ron through LDSsingles.com . Well, alot has happened since then. ALOT. I'll bring you up to speed here soon. But for now, I need to pack. Talk soon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's December already. Wow, this has really been a crazy, wild, incredibly adventurous year (5 months) for me! I love my life. I've always been a happy person by nature, but I think I lost that for a while. I have found my way back to becoming my happy, joyful self again. I'm about to tell you something, but you have to promise you'll keep it to yourself. No, really. It's kind of embarrassing, and it's something that I've made fun of others for doing, including some very close friends. Let me preface this with the fact that since becoming single, at 49, I had had some "dates". But they were actually activities with good guy friends who were very supportive and really just wanted to make sure I was taken care of, more than really date me. So six months ago I went online at LDS singles. It was free and I wanted to see what my options were going to be in the world of dating at my age. What one is interested in at 50 is not the same as when one was 18. I made a little profile but didn't post a picture. I think you can't comment unless you join (or something like that) Anyway, I started getting messages sent to me but most of them said "you sound *fun *nice *interesting *funny, but you really need to post a picture". So I got brave and posted a picture, and paid for a one month membership. The pic. was of me and my sister on Thanksgiving, in our aprons that our other sister had made for us. Nothing fancy. In fact it was downright UN-fancy!(the picture, not the apron) Holy Cow! One semi-UG picture and then  the guys were ready to talk. Most of them were really nice (I think you can't say mean things on there) Some of them were handsome. Some were put-me-to-sleep uninteresting.Some looked OLD. One guy wanted to line me up with his older brother and he himself looked like he was 75! A few were scary-forward. One guy had a great good tolerable on-line persona, but when I met him for ice cream at a very public place, his in-person personality was, are-my-eyes-as-glazed-over-as-they-feel     B O R I N G.  ....One day I came across a message from a man whose picture was kinda cute, it looked like he was standing in front of a pagoda at Epcot, and his message was pretty funny. His profile name was "legalRon". I don't know why, but I automatically thought he was in law enforcement. Hmm...date a cop? Wasn't too sure about that. Most cops are moody and mean. And I didn't need THAT. I put him on the back burner. Just before my "membership" ran out I was clearing out my old messages and came across legalRon's message. But he had posted a new picture and what actually caught my eye was this picture had the ca-utest baby girl in it. Then I looked at the gentleman who was holding that darling baby girl, and I thought hey waitaminute! This guy is really handsome! That's when I responded to his message...(finally). Does that sound shallow?? Sometimes I just gotta be hit up the side of the head, and it took an adorable baby girl to do it! Oh my goodness! I've just rambled on. I'll have to give my next installment of this story in the day's to come. G'night! P.S. After talking to him, I found out he wasn't in law enforcement. And that picture of him wasn't taken at Epcot. He was actually in China. (Lol, I'm such a dork!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. Two in the a.m. I got up and took a homeopathic sleep aid. It is now 7:30 a.m. and I am once again wide awake. I totally plan on crashing in a couple of hours. Maybe sooner if I get up and have a bowl of cereal. I thought I'd do a little blogging first, since I haven't blogged since oh, last JULY! I will just randomly spill out my thoughts this morning and see where we go from there. I love words. I love fancy words and plain words...and if you live east of the Mississippi, I love how you can make a plain word sound fancy with a southern drawl. People from the south can take a short, one syllable word and extend it into at least two syllables. For example, bath can become bay-ath or head is pronounced hay-ed. Magic! I love how words roll off the tongue. I love how if you say one word over and over it starts to sound funny. Try it! Choose a word and repeat it over and over. Funny, huh? I think I have A.D.D. and to top it off I think I'm dyslexic...Hey, did you hear about the dyslexic Atheist? He didn't believe in DOG. Lol! C'mon, that is hilarious! My boyfriend told me that one. I still giggle when I tell it. Actually, I haven't been officially diagnosed with either malady. But it would explain my short attention span to things I have no interest in hearing, learning, or knowing about. And my occasional misspelling...thank heaven for spellcheck. Too bad I can't have spell check in my li'l pea brain! Speaking of brains, mine is a gigantic storage unit for all kinds of useless trivia. Ask me who the 26th president of the United States was, *cricket*cricket*cricket... but ask me what Alice's boyfriend's name on the Brady Bunch from 1972 was, and ooh ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me! (It's Sam, btw) . I think it may be time for some Frosted Mini Wheats. See?? A.D.~ ooh, a ladybug!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dating. Virtual, or virtually Impossible?

Boy, has the dating world changed since I last dated! No longer do you have to see someone in person, or get 'lined-up' by a friend who knows you, to make a date...you can just go online and keyboard in your preferences and you will have a whole list of people to choose from....from just about anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE) in the world! Not that the technology is any big surprise to me, it's just the immediacy (is that a word?) of meeting people. Or if you choose, to NOT meet them. You don't have to turn anyone down face to face. There is a plethora of SWM to choose from. And by the same token, a plethora of SWF to choose from if you are a man in search of a woman. So how does one get 'noticed' floating out there in the sea of beautiful competition? I'm going to give this some thought. I'll get back to you on it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

-Short Post-

Today is a happy Friday. My dear friend is coming home and we'll get to spend some much needed catch-up time together!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yippee!! It's over! Done! Finito! I won't have to worry about doing that thing again for another 5 years! Actually, the colonoscopy itself wasn't that bad. I mean, I was out of it with the sleepy juice they put in my IV. Also, they added something for the nausea I was experiencing. All in all, two days of discomfort is nothing compared to the ravaging effects that colon cancer has on your body...on your life...when it goes undetected. And having seen what my mom went thru when she was dying with colon cancer at the same age I am now, I NEVER want to experience that, nor put my family through the torture. So. I'm taking this opportunity to start eating a little better, and exercising a little more. I feel good. I'm going to bed now. Good night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The cleanse...cont.

I will never drink anything ever again...at least not anything with strawberry/guava flavoring! I'm having a really hard time drinking the water I need to so I don't get dehydrated. Why am I being such a boob?? I'm really nauseated right now. I would really like to just go to sleep....I'm afraid to...
Well I did go to sleep. At least I think I did...it was a very unsettled nights sleep. And I had really weird dreams. Mail dreams where I delivered a puppy to the wrong address, couldn't get my mail delivered,etc. Also I dreamed that I was locked in someones backyard and instead of a guard dog, there was a lion. ...See? Weird!
I'm still nauseated and my head is killing me, but I can't take anything for my headache yet. But I'm as empty as I've been in years!

The cleanse starts today...yuck.

Ok I know I'm a big baby, but I hate drinking stuff that I THINK might be gross. I start my cleanse today for my colonoscopy tomorrow. Isn't there an easier way?? I'm mixing the nasty powder with strawberry guava water. It's carbonated and I don't drink pop, so I hope I can down this stuff. I didn't really want to drink anything that I really like because I'm afraid I won't ever want to drink it again!

I just drank (is drank a real word??) a bottle of that nasty stuff. Not good. >keep the end (no pun intended) in mind, Kathy< Only three more bottles to go, in an hour and 40 minutes..OIY!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~Dinna with the Sib's~

These are four of my six siblings. We got together for dinner at Timbermine last week. From left to right, we are youngest to oldest- DeeDee, Greg (he only LOOKs cranky) me, Grant, Debbie. The two siblings who are missing between Grant and Deb are (only child) Judy, and Gordy (he lives in Norfolk). It was so much fun! I have very funny brothers and sisters!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So yesterday I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and give my little "yard" some much needed TLC. I raked out weeds, pieces of plastic planter, a sacrament program, a receipt, a spent bottle rocket and all manner of decay. It almost looks like I DID something out there. I chopped down things that looked dead, but probably are just in their dorment season. Lot's of stuff that was way overgrown and just annoying me. I pulled weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. I like pulling weeds, it's theraputic. In fact I'll bet that some of the weeds I pulled weren't even weeds...but it felt good anyway! My landlord gave me full rein over my area, so I'm pretty sure he won't object to anything I've done. He even gave me a key to his shed and told me I could borrow anything out there that I wanted. The person who "landscaped" before me must have gone to the nursery and bought some of everything in the ground cover dept., as well as every kind of lava rock, bark, stone, brick edging, and planter. There is no rhyme or reason to what is out there. Kinda funny, but I feel like posting a sign that reads "I didn't landscape this place". Aside from the spider dangling from my hair, the dried lavender down my sweaty butt crack, and not enough room in the garbage can to put all my clippings, I loved my time working out there!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's been too long since I've blogged and I love blogging. It's such a great outlet for me. A lot has happened this past year. Ok, that may be an understatement. I am just getting interested in being creative again. Wow! it's been over a year since I've had that desire. The last time I had the desire to do home decorating was the day I got the news about my dad. The idea of decorating just didn't seem important anymore. But time heals most wounds, and I've decided that beauty in all forms is important in this life. Today I'm going out to pull weeds and assess what needs to be done in my little patch of earth. I'll let you know how that goes. Later gator!