"Middle children have remarkable diplomatic skills."

-The Secret Power of Middle Children, by Catherine Salmon

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A little baby holdin' time

We got to see and hold baby Lincoln yesterday at the hospital. There's nothing like holding a baby fresh from heaven. While we were there, Lincoln had his  routine hearing test. This little guy passed with flying colors!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

He's here!

Lincoln Mercer Williams came into this world at 3:22 a.m. Beautiful! This is numero dieciocho nietos for us. We are so grateful that he decided to come before we left town and that he and Angela are doing well. Around 2:00 this morning Landon came and crawled in bed with us but forgot "Puppy", so as I was retrieving Puppy from his bottom bunk, Logan poked his head over the top bunk and asked "Grandma where is my mommy?" I whispered "mommy's at the hospital having baby brother." Logan got a big grin on his face and laid back down. This morning we printed this picture of his new brother for Logan to take to school and show his class. Landon is still asleep. By the way, after about two hours of having Landon "sleep" in our bed, we put him back in his own bed. That kid is a WORK OUT! Here is an illustration of what he's like to sleep with. (bottom photo) Ha! Love it!

It's 12:05 a.m. I think we might be getting a new baby today!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

G.C. on the T.V. in the A.M.

I love love love General Conference. It is a time to renew and recommit and re-energize. And with our mission being just weeks away, you can bet that Ron and I were hanging on every word spoken this morning. Great A.M. session!
Announcements made by our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, at Saturday morning session of General Conference: Two new Temples, Tucson Arizona and Peru. But I feel the "biggie" was the change in missionary age. Worthy young men can now serve at age 18. Worthy and desirous young women can now serve at age 19. This is wonderful news for young women especially. I think many young women would love to serve missions, but perhaps feel that coming home at the age of 23+ would narrow down the opportunity to get married. (Ok, that's just what goes on inside my worldly head.) As my friend on another blog said, the current Elders serving in the field are going to come back and wonder where all the girls went! Hope you enjoy the rest of Conference weekend!

Problem solved

We've been having a nasty problem with fruit flies around here. I don't know why, we don't even have fruit lying around. It was just becoming annoying to be sitting at the kitchen table talking to someone and have this nearly invisible little kamikaze bug fly in your face. Yesterday I was reading Dooley's Doodles (blog) and saw that her son made a little trap to capture these tiny pests, read  here . I decided to try it last night. It works! Thanks Kirkham Dooley, for this great solution to a pesky problem!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I like art. I like soup.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol's iconic pop art "32 Campbell's Soup Cans". I saw these cans at Target and thought they would make darling little vases or pencil holders or something...and we like tomato soup here at our house. So as we've been eating it, I take the can and rinse it out and modpodge over the label. I've never been a huge Warhol fan, and I don't really care for silk screened art. I think it is cheesy and cheap and for the most part, not too inspiring. However, I was drawn to these colorful little gems. Which just goes to prove you can find beauty in just about anything. And Campbell's Soup Company, what a great marketing idea, using the anniversary of his art to sell more soup. I bought these four cans when I already had a shelf full of soup in my pantry. Genius I tell ya!